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Framing the ShotEdit

When you look at a professional photograph vs that of an amatuer many times you can notice a difference.  What exactly is the difference?  Is it the use of a fancy dslr vs a camera phone?  Is it the editing that was done afterwards?  Sometimes it is because of those reasons, but many times the beauty of a shot begins before the click of the shutter.  

Good photographers know how to frame their shot.  Take close looks at their pictures.  Where is the subject?  What is in focus?  Are body parts cut off?  These are all questions that should be running through your mind when you are getting ready to take the picture. 

The Subjects Eyes Tell the StoryEdit

1017186 orig

When taking your picture really look at your subject.  After all, isn't it what the photo is about.  Take a close look at the eyes, the placement of their hands, and look at their body language.  When my partners and I are doing a photoshoot we look at the subjects eyes.  We use this to frame our pictures.  Engage your viewers into the world of the subject of your photos.  Which way is the person's eyes looking?  Is it towards the left?  Does this mean there is a point of importance in that direction? Maybe we can place the subject more towards the right of the frame and show whats going on in the left?  After all the eyes tell it all. 

Don't cut off the Fingers!Edit

The next point of interest are fingers.  Too often do I see fingers or feet or parts of elbows getting cut off from the 

7187932 orig

Look at the body parts. They are in the shot!

shot.  Why?  If you cut these things off then you are removing a big part of your shot.  Use those parts for your advantage.  Yes there are times when you need to zoom in, but most of the time try to keep parts of fingers from getting cut off.  As human, we have five fingers on each end.  Our elbows don't just cut off at some random point.  We have feet.  Don't remove those parts from shots.    

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