Welcome to the Limitless Photography WikiEdit

Photography today has gone pretty much main stream. Everything from cell phones to portable gaming systems now sport a camera. Applications such as instagram have become a sensation.
Unfortunately some people assume that the device you use is all that matters. It's not the equipment that you use that's important but the composition of the shot. This wiki is here to help you get the fundamentals right.

Photography is More Than Just the Camera!Edit

There are a lot of techniques to make your photos look good.  The equipment you use shouldn't limit you.  The goal is to build a solid foundation and moving on from there.  Lets use this wiki to build good skills and learning to work with what you have.  We will cover topics on lighting, framing, focusing, and much more.  

Check Out Our Tutorials!Edit

  1. Framing the shot!

We Will Also Show You How to Make Cool Videos!Edit

Tom and Kristy05:19

Tom and Kristy

Trailor for Tom and Kristy's Wedding!

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